Traffic Reporter

The Traffic Reporter™ is a speedy, reliable and cost-effective solution for both permanent and temporary counting needs. Fitting any road type, Traffic Reporter can simultaneously time-stamp and store traffic data from up to 8 lanes of traffic, in their internal memory and transmit it to the central PC via wireless modems.

Its central PC software can be prescheduled to automatically download stored data from hundreds of remote RTMS® stations via modems, and generate reports in user-defined formats in batch mode.


  • Permanent counting stations
  • Temporary (spot) counting
  • Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) audit counting


  • Accurate all-weather per-lane measurement
  • Measures volume, occupancy, speed, 6 length classifications
  • Simultaneous coverage of up to 8 lanes in side-fired configuration
  • High memory capacity of up to 40 weeks of data
  • User-friendly data retrieval: direct or by dial-up/cellular modem
  • Central office PC software automatically downloads data from hundreds of stations
  • Automatic report generation in user-defined format


  • Speedy, safe installation on roadside poles
  • No lane closures or traffic disruptions
  • Fits any road type
  • AC, battery or solar powered counting stations
  • Maintenance-free, high reliability