Our goal is to help you meet the growing demands on transport infrastructure.

Techmiracle Technologies focuses on matching the latest traffic detection products and solutions with exact customer needs to help meet the growing pressure on todays transport infrastructure.

With a combination of innovative products and solutions, individual client attention and on demand support, Techmiracle Technologies consistently delivers outstanding results.


The RTMS G4™ (Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor) is a next generation radar sensor for the detection and measurement of traffic.

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Autoscope Phoenix

The Autoscope Phoenix video detection system and cameras provide a complete solution for junction control.

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Autoscope Solo Terra™

Featuring a camera with integrated machine vision processor, the Autoscope Solo® Terra™ video detection system is the perfect choice for junction, roadway and bridge applications.

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Autoscope RackVision Terra™

Ideally suited for tunnels, roadways, bridges and junction applications, this video detection solution delivers high performance traffic data collection and incident management.

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