Autoscope Phoenix

The Autoscope® Phoenix™ video detection system provides a complete solution for junction control. The Phoenix detector card slides easily into a rack to provide stopline and approach vehicle detection at each approach. The smartly designed and compact Phoenix camera delivers value in a compact package to view traffic at the junction. The detector card contains 16 open collector outputs, each with status LEDs on the front panel.

The detector card contains 16 outputs, each with status LEDs to indicate open collector, selective active low or high. Traffic managers will benefit from this streamlined and cost-effective solution that offers minimal maintenance, non-intrusive setup and high performance.


  • Vehicle presence detection
  • Dual-camera processor
  • 64-pin DIN connector backplane provides convenient terminations for power, communications, detector I/O, and video I/O
  • Vehicle presence or alarm outputs via backplane screw terminations
  • Non-volatile memory data storage
  • Self test on power-up
  • LED indicates status for power, communications, video, data processing, and detector I/O
  • Low power consumption


  • Cost effective solution for junction control
  • Field proven accuracy and reliability
  • Easy to install, configure and maintain
  • Easily integrated into controllers and detector racks
  • Superior value and performance when compared to other detector systems