RTMS NEWS™ (Node Event Warning System) is designed to detect and send warnings of traffic irregularities (stopped traffic, etc.) to drivers by variable message signs, flashers, and other warning signals. Using your specified criteria for up to 16 preprogrammed events, the system monitors up to 8 stations and provides immediate alarm output. Perfect for both permanent and temporary installations, it is fast and easy to deploy and reliable in all weather conditions.

The system performs real time processing of traffic measurements from multiple RTMS® units and provides alarm output based upon user defined preprogrammed events. Outputs include contact pair closure (to drive dumb devices) and serial bus messages for VMS display and to alert traffic operation centre operators.


  • Queue detection / alarm
  • Early warning on preprogrammed safety related events
  • Activating warning signs on traffic conditions
  • Reporting off ramp lanes spillback to center and local controller
  • Roadworks traffic management
  • Reporting congestion in specific points
  • Wrong way warning on multiple locations
  • Fog detection systems
  • Toll road booth operations
  • Safety hazard detection


  • Vehicle detection, traffic data measurement and incident detection
  • Integrated colour camera, zoom lens, and machine vision processor in one compact unit ensures high quality video for processing
  • Dual-core processor for advanced image processing
  • MPEG-4 digital streaming video output
  • EasyLink™ broadband communications, IP addressable
  • View video from remote locations using Internet browser
  • Configuration Wizard® for highways
  • ClearVision™ hydrophilic coating and faceplate heater


  • Quick and safe installation on road-side poles without lane closures
  • Accurate all weather, per-lane operation measuring: volume, occupancy, speed
  • Scalable safety enhancement solution for both highways and signalized intersections