The RTMS® SPIDER™ (Simple Presence In-Lane Detection Event Reporting) system detects, collects and transmits traffic data using wireless communications and delivers detection through contact pairs to a legacy controller.

SPIDER builds upon the advantages of the RTMS radar sensor and radio frequency modems, integrating them into a seamless solution. A single remote SPIDER Hub (typically located in the controller cabinet) concentrates data from several remote RTMS radar sensors using point to multipoint digital spread spectrum wireless technology, which eliminates the need for fixed communication lines, trenching and digging.


  • Mid-block detection
  • System detectors
  • Loop-detector replacement in legacy systems
  • Corridor/arterial coordination
  • Adaptive urban traffic control


  • Provides wireless presence indication (or traffic measurement parameters) directly into the controller cabinet
  • Up to 8 Side fired RTMS sensors per SPIDER Hub
  • Up to 8 lanes per RTMS radar sensor
  • Up to 32 contact pairs per SPIDER Hub
  • Dual loop speed-trap emulation
  • Real time secure wireless communication
  • Reliable all weather performance


  • Low-cost, completely wireless solution that replaces advance loop detectors and lead in wires
  • Uses existing poles as detection station
  • No road works, lane closures, digging or trenching
  • Flexible installation (number of lanes and location)
  • No scheduled maintenance required
  • Compatible with NEMA TS-1, TS-2, 170 and 2070 Controllers
  • Zero Setback requirement allows installation on curbside pole